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Secretary`s office:



Federica Agonstini

Room: L 110
Building: L, Müller-Breslau-Straße 10

Phone: +49 30 314 75634

Main research focus: Fluorinated amino acids, Adaptation, Multi-omics

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I received my Master of Science in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from the University of Florence (Italy) and in 2014 I joined the group of Prof. Koksch at the Freie Universität Berlin for a PhD in collaboration with the group of Prof. Budisa at the Technische Universität Berlin. My research interests lie in synthetic biology and development of novel strategies for in vivo incorporation of fluorinated amino acids into proteins. My key-expertises are Adaptive Laboratory Experiments (ALE) and integration of multi-omics analyses (genomics, proteomics and metabolomics) for the characterization of bacteria endowed with new-to-nature chemistries.

Further topics that I am passionate about are microbial communication, host-microbiome interactions and bioremediation.