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Tobias Schneider

Tobias Schneider 2017

Date of Birth: 13.11.1991
Birthplace: Lauterbach,Hessen
Nationality: German
Room: TC 602
TC Building, Straße des 17. Juni 124
Phone: +49 30 314 23661

Education and Scientific Degrees:

  • 2011            Abitur (1,6) Alexander-von-Humboldt Gymnasium Lauterbach
  • 2011-2014   Studies in Chemistry (Bachelor) University Paderborn / Final Grade (1,1)
  • 2014-2015   Studies in Chemistry (Master) University Paderborn / Final Grade (1,2)
  • Since 2015   PhD Student in the Group of Professor Budisa

Research Experience and Employment History:

  • 2013 - 2014 Bioinorganic Chemistry Research Associate in the Group of Prof. Henkel/ University of Paderborn
  • 2014 - 2015 Computational Chemsitry Research Associate in theGroup of Prof. K?hne/ University of Paderborn
  • 2015 Organic Chemistry Research Associate in the Group of Prof. Paradies / University of Paderborn
  • Since 2015 Biological Chemistry PHD in the Group of Prof. Budisa / Technical University of Berlin

Special Experimental Experience:

  • Synthesis of Organoselenium compounds
  • Frustrated Lewis Pairs
  • Synthesis of unnantural Amino-Acids


Syntheses, characterization, and reactivity of copper complexes with camphor-like tetramethylguanidine ligands

Inorg. Chim. Act. 2017

M. Wern, J. Ortmeyer, P. Josephs, T. Schneider, A. Neuba, G. Henkel

Photoactivatable Mussel-Based Underwater Adhesive Proteins by an Expanded Genetic Code

ChemBioChem 2017 18(18), 1819-1823

M. Hauf, F. Richter, T. Schneider, T. Faidt, B. Martins, T. Baumann, P. Durkin, H. Dobbek, K. Jakobs, A. M?glich, N. Budisa*

The Regioselective Synthesis of o-Nitrobenzyl DOPA Derivatives

Synthesis 2017 49(12), 2691-2699

T.Schneider, J.Martin, P. M. Durkin, V. Kubyshkin, N. Budisa

Dehydrierende Oxidation von Indolinen und anderen Heterocyclen durch frustrierte Lewis-Paare

Angewandte Chemie 2016 128 (40): 12407-12411

A. F. G. Maier, S. Tussing, T.Schneider, U. Flörke, Z. Qu, S. Grimme, J. Paradies

Bis{2-[(Triphenylmethyl)amino]phenyl} diselenide acetonitrile monosolvate

Acta Cryst. 2014 , 70, 537-538

A. Neuba, T. Schneider, U. Flörke and G. Henkel